D'Angelo Realty Group Inc. owners enjoy the comfort of knowing that we manage their property as if it was our own, with attention to detail and with the utmost integrity.
We are experts on the local rental market and undertake regular evaluations to ensure that your rents are competetive and consistent with the current market rates. We manage over eight hundred units in the South Bay and pride ourselves on maintatning low vacancy rates. We zealously control costs and work diligently to protect your investment. Furthermore, we offer quality service at reasonable prices. With our industry knowledge and networking resources, we are confident we can make a significant improvement in your cash flow.
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Home/Manufacturers Warranties

While it is the policy of D’Angelo Realty Group Inc to use a warranty of any kind in the unlikely event of an after hours or non-business day emergency we will make an attempt to call them 1 time. If there is any issue of any kind we will revert back to our standard vendors.